Applicants Seek Fairness, You Seek Integrity – You Can Continue to Depend on the ERAS® Program

For more than 25 years, the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) has empowered hundreds of thousands of future doctors to find a residency or fellowship program in hospitals across America — bringing fairness, integrity, and trust to a critical milestone.

But for as long as we have been the industry’s leading residency and fellowship application platform, we never forget that it’s more than transcripts, MSPEs, LoRs and other credentials. It’s about people; people with dreams; people who want to be the best doctors they can be. And it’s our job to help them on their journey to get there.

ERAS Priorities | Program Improvements | ERAS Leadership

The Next Generation of Doctors. The Next Era of the ERAS Program

The AAMC has been working together with you to answer the question: How can the ERAS program help you find the best resident and fellow matches for your program more easily?

The medical community will be facing new challenges in the years to come and the ERAS program, under the leadership of Senior Director, Patrick Fritz, is evolving to serve the needs of the next generation of doctors.

While our tools, interfaces, and features are growing, our commitment to delivering fairness and integrity will never change.

Your future is our focus.

Let’s talk about how we can build the future of the ERAS program together. We respect your privacy.
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ERAS Program Priorities

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Our selection tools are at the core of the transition to residency ecosystem. With your input, we will prioritize and execute improvements to add features and capabilities that adopt to the changing needs of the community.

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By delivering more insightful and timely data to programs, we will empower program directors, coordinators and applicants to make more informed, confident decisions.

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Together, we must find solutions to the challenges we face in improving the transition to residency process. The ERAS team has the experience, data, and connections to help lead the way in multi-organizational research efforts.

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ERAS 2023 Statistics

Participating programs
(Residency and Fellowship)

Participating schools

ERAS users served*

50.6M Total
Documents processed
(1.1M Unique)

* ERAS users include applicants, schools, letter writers, and program contacts.

Program Improvements

We’re always working to improve the product stability and expand the ERAS program to ensure it works for you. We’re listening, and over the past year, we've made some core system improvements to help you secure the best resident and fellow matches for your program. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact ERAS Support.

Updated MyERAS Application for 2024

The supplemental ERAS application is providing rich data that the ERAS team is using to improve the MyERAS application beginning, with the 2024 season. Applicants will have the opportunity to:

  • Share their most meaningful experiences.
  • Signal their interest in programs (residency programs only).
  • Designate their interest in geographic regions.

ERAS Analytics for Designated Institutional Officials (DIOs)

The ERAS team launched a new tool that gives DIOs the ability to access and filter institution-level data. With this tool, DIOs can:

  • Review applicant demographic data.
  • Examine year-to-year application trends.
  • Filter data for use in reports.
  • Use multiple filters to create custom data sets.

Improved Program Director’s WorkStation User Experience

The ERAS team is updating the Program Director’s WorkStation (PDWS) to provide residency and fellowship programs with efficient and reliable tools that enable them to make informed and timely decisions throughout the residency and fellowship selection processes. These updates include:

  • A clean, consistent look across the PDWS.
  • All setup features combined into one module for easy access.
  • Content that is relevant to roles and workflows.
  • An improved user management tool within the Setup tab.

ERAS Leadership | Meet Our Senior Director, Patrick Fritz

As the senior director of admissions and selection application services (ASAS), Patrick leads the strategic direction and operations of the ERAS and American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) teams. Prior to taking on this new role in 2022, Patrick served as the senior director for the AMCAS program for four years, where he oversaw the development of the AMCAS for Schools analytics platform and the Choose Your Medical School selection tool. Patrick’s role reflects the commitment outlined in the AAMC’s strategic plan — as well as the community’s goals in admissions and residency selection — to identify diverse, capable future physicians, and to support learners at the undergraduate medical education and graduate medical education levels as they navigate these application processes.

The newly created ASAS team is focused on enhancing the ERAS suite of products, delivering data to all ERAS participants to help improve informed decisions, and leading research that will improve the transition to residency process. The team is also streamlining the 2024 MyERAS application, incorporating questions and insight from the supplemental ERAS application, and expanding outreach and engagement efforts to improve transparency between programs and applicants.

Patrick earned a bachelor of arts in political science from Marquette University and an master of business administration from American University.

Patrick Fritz